the pilgrims and us

just realized that I forgot to blog about family Christmas this year.
I’m going to say that because it snowed the last two days (ugh!) that it isn’t too late.

This past Christmas was our family’s first Christmas without both of my grandparents. A few days after Christmas every year my whole extended family used to get together at my grandparents to celebrate the holiday together. It has always been a special time to reconnect with everyone and just come together as a family. This past year we needed to come up with a twist on the tradition, and I think we did a pretty great job at doing so. We decided to all rent a house together for a few days. After much searching…it’s not easy to find a house to fit 20 people….we found an amazing house right on the beach in Plymouth! After all of our planning we feared that our plans might be spoiled by a nasty blizzard, but we risked it and were all able to make it!

getting ready to brave the snow, wind, and cold

aunt wendy and i may not have been the most stylish, but we were def the most warm

blinded by the wind…but still smiling 🙂

always the athlete…way to go Jonathan!

Dan and Laura…master sledders!

freezing at the edge of the cliff leading to the beach….who can stand there the longest without holding on?!

back inside and warming up

even in such a big house poor Brian and Jack were relegated to mattresses in the closets….you were good sports guys!

Uncle Mark and Annie had to power through the snow and change their travel plans, but in the end they made it! We were all soo glad to see them!

poor Luke was recovering from knee surgery…what a trooper!

time for presents!!!

i have no idea what they were laughing about, but i love this picture!!

the men graced us with some christmas carols….was there beer involved?….we’ll never know 🙂

another year of yankee swaps!!!     Dan’s first open was a left over egg roll from dinner…nice! don’t worry we let him open another.

Brian and his antlers, and Leah and her gigantic gummy bear lollipop (eww!)

Erin modeling her beautiful garbage bag wreath…someone was actually gifted that as a real gift…what?!

the scary carolers reappeared again this year with a new addition…ahhh!!!!

i love that they’ve known each other and been friends since college

because who doesn’t love a good stairs picture 🙂

it was a great Christmas and I can’t wait to continue to the tradition this year!


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