ever wonder…

what 3 feet of snow from one storm looks like?
this weekend i got to find out first hand when i headed home to newburgh friday evening.

snowy home-sweet-home!  can’t even see the basement window or garage door!

snow past my knees and i still hadn’t touched solid ground!!

Mom digging out the snowman that she and Dad had made the day before . . . . very fancy!

view of the snowman from the driveway…the snow was almost to high to see him

trees down everywhere…even on our shed…good thing Dad built it so strong!

our neighbors even took to snowblowing out his truck! very clever!

then today as the snow started to melt, the roads cleared, and power was returned to some of our neighbors Mom, Dad, and I headed up to Poughkeepsie. They recently opened an old railroad trestle as a walking path across the Hudson. It was a beautifully scenic walk with amazing views up and down the river.



1 Comment

  1. Uncle Mark said,

    March 2, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    Great shots as usual. Loved the snowman! Hurry Springtime!! Thanks.

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