apples to potatoes

this blog is almost to sad to post.
posting it reminds me that the franks are not just away for the week,
but that they have actually left nyc for good 😦
it’s only been a week but nyc is already not the same without you guys! we miss you both terribly!

ok . . . enough with being sad . . .

We ended they’re time in NYC with a bang!
We called the day Progressively Aggressive, as we spent the whole day progressing through their time in NYC and doing it very aggressively, ie/quickly. We went through the city reliving favorite moments and experiencing the things they hadn’t gotten around to doing yet. The day started bright and early and didn’t end until 4am the next day when they had to leave for their flight to Seattle.
what Progressivley Aggressive day would be complete without an army dressed in “I Love NY” shirts?! . . . none I tell you. 
I must say that real New Yorkers wearing “I love NY” shirts is pretty embarrassing…until…you get a pack of seven together. Then it just becomes awesome and people ask you if they can take your picture and tell you how much they love NY too.
my day with the Franks began at the NYC library…although they hit up the Empire State building earlier in the morning
oh no! the Franks are packing up their things to move from the land of apples to the land of potatoes (with a brief stop over in the land of spicy foods for 3 months) . . . now don’t be confused by the truck . . . no the Franks didn’t need a truck to move. All they needed was 4 or 5 large suitcases. Man they pack light!

      IMG_4138         IMG_4149
we didn’t have time to make it down to battery park to say an official goodbye to lady liberty. So the statue outside the tourist souvenir story will have to do 😉
(hey look that store is having a 50% off sale)




in the afternoon we headed down to High Line park and signed each other’s “I love NY” shirts yearbook style. We turned our shirts into I love NY and friends shirts. They went from embarrassing regular shirts to awesome shirts that represented our whole day together.

       IMG_4211      IMG_4199




later in the day we went around and visited all those crazy people who had to work on a Tuesday …unheard of! and had them sign our shirts as well.

even Whitney’s fruit guy signed her shirt!
one last Grey’s Papaya hot dog special…gotta love Greys!

one last brilliant game of Settlers at the Cates…best game yet!
at midnight after settlers we headed down to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

      IMG_4235       IMG_4265




     IMG_4268       IMG_4270

    IMG_4273        IMG_4275


after one last game of Settlers in my apartment and some 16 hours later 5 very tired friends said a very teary-eyed goodbye on the sidewalk as Whitney and Conrad got in their cab and headed to the airport.

Whitney and Conrad, don’t forget your friends in NYC!
Can’t wait for our trip to Idaho!
See you both soon!
We love you!


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  1. October 8, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    Meg, thanks for posting all that. We will never ever ever forget our friends in NYC. How could you even imagine such a thing. see you soon in Idaho! Love Whit

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