busy fun-filled weekend!

A bunch of my friends and myself have spent the weekend trying to live and enjoy every last moment that the Franks are in town. I must say that we have all been pretty successful in this task. This weekend has consisted of all of us hanging out together, or us on the phone with one another planning what to do next. 
we had backyard BBQs
we rode our bikes and watched Nathan play in a soccer game and Cory referee



we had Whitney and Conrad’s going away party
 DSCN1466     DSCN1470
of coarse we had more bbq at the party…never a bad time if you ask us!
no party for the Franks would be complete without a game or two…this one was particularly fun…it was a mix of catch phrase, charades, and celebrity


don’t worry . . . before the party started we tested out the lasted Cates family card game
we had Sunday morning (well really afternoon) brunch and watch football

we went to Conrad and Whit’s last (for a while :)) Sunday service at Redeemer
we ended the weekend by playing Settlers long into the night! I came sooo close to winning twice before the Franks both stole it out from under me….darn those Franks!

All in all it was a wonderful and friend-filled last weekend with the Franks!
need I say it again…you two will be sorely missed…can’t wait to come visit Idaho!


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