the Yankees Win!!! the Yankees Win!!!

A couple of weeks ago I finally made it out to the new Yankee Stadium for a game.
 I started the season in a silent boycott over the tearing down of the old historic stadium in order to build a new stadium just to bring in more money. Don’t even get me started on how mad their lack of appreciation and reverence for the past makes me…ugh! However, I finally came to my senses and realizing that I couldn’t make it through the season without going to a game. Then last month my college’s alumni association organized a trip to the game. So I hit them up for some free tickets and an excuse to go to the new stadium.DSCN1186
the old stadium looking both sad and dignified as the crowd heads directly across the street to the new stadium
the new stadium enjoying all the attention
DSCN1190     DSCN1214
the inside atrium with flags of old Yankee greats….and the new monument field, bullpens, bleachers (which now have access to the whole stadium…wierd)
Carl and I on our way to the stadium…oh the anticipation!
The stadium did not disappoint!   It was beautiful!  
I still don’t like the idea of tearing down the old stadium, but they did a fantastic job with the new one!
DSCN1207     IMG_3731
what a view!!!
So I went to the game with Hartwick alumni, but a bunch of my city friends could be found around the stadium enjoying the game wih us. Guess we all just knew this was a game not to be missed. I found Neil, Cory, Conrad, and Whitney in the bleachers.
and Jeff, Maren, and Brianne in the outfield.
It was like playing a scavanger hunt for friends around the stadium…now that’s a game I can get behind! 
Jorge Posada up at bat
Andy Petite pitching. He is by far my favorite pitcher and I was soo excited we got to see him pitch such a great game!
don’t worry the men are manning the field…thanks A.Rod and Jeter!
Jorge talking it out with Joe Girardi after getting hit with a pitch. He ended up having to come out of the game due to an injury. Hope you’re feeling better now Jorge!

The Yankees Win!!!   The Yankees Win!!!
Can’t you just hear New York, New York, being played in the background!
Good game boys! Can’t wait to see you in the World Series!

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