here comes the bride…

with only a few days left until the big wedding I thought it was about time that I finally posted pictures from Erin’s bridal shower back on June 6th.

victory!! after a few bumps in the road including missing a few pieces the team got creative and the tent went up! good thing my dad has every tool known to man!
laura and emily helping to prepare the sangria…thanks for the help girls!
      IMG_2905       IMG_0449

and this was the pile before the party even started…wow
the bride is here!!!


jen and anne dean working hard on erin’s shower veil
hard at work as maid-of-honor 🙂
Erin with her Colgate girls
The shower was a huge success! It was a beautiful day filled with wonderful friends and family. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it so special, and thanks Mom and Dad for pulling it all off!


1 Comment

  1. mom skahen said,

    August 4, 2009 at 9:32 am

    It was a lot of fun . .. Erin was lucky having such a great maid-of-honor.

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