joe’s pub concert!

last night lisa and i headed down to joe’s pub for a solo concert and the nyc debut of eden espinosa. i love joe’s pub! it’s such a new york experience. while you’re sitting there listening to an amazing artist you can feel the rumble of the subway below your feet everytime one goes by…so cool!


the concert was fantastic! she has such a stunning voice, and can sing anything! the concert was a great mix of powerful ballads, soft love songs, and plenty of rocking out. i was fun to hear eden put her own twist on some songs that i had already known and loved (like songs by sara bareilles and eva cassidy–look them up they’re the best!).


i didn’t take the videos below…they’re from the previous nights…but i wanted you guys to at least get to hear some of it. if someone posts a video from our night, or of one of my more favorite songs i’ll switch the videos out. hope you enjoy! (ps: who ever took these videos was sitting really close so the band it a bit loud..sorry)

i think lisa and i would have to agree that her encore was our favorite! she combined three songs (“ruby shoes”, “defying gravity”, and “gravity”) into one unbelievablely beautiful and moving song!

way to go eden!
i hope this was the first of many concerts you put on in nyc!


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