official party!

sunday night the cates hosted lisa’s official birthday party
(having cake makes it official…in case you weren’t sure)

oh how well we know you lisa…3 different kinds of cake…5 cakes in total!
(2 different ice-cream cakes, a “wedding” cake, and 2 apple pies)
plus cookies and fruit!
  dscn0609    dscn0616
lisa stocked up on large quantities of all three types of cakes. while betsy shows us all her high fashion pajamas…what a fashionista! you can tell that she knows she looks good!
the big 3-0 ! ! ! come to life with help from lisa and julie
that’s right…she blew out 9 candles on 3 cakes in one breath…way to go lisa!
the party ended with a hilarious version of pictionary/telephone….
in which the phrase “lisa’s hair” can turn into “orphan annie”…and that was one we came pretty close on…some were really bad/funny! good game idea lisa and julie!
julia and faith
henry steals some spot light from kj and cory…lookin’ good henry!

good party everyone!

birthday celebration day 2


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