off to canada

Last weekend Lisa, Brianne, and I headed up to Montreal to visit Brianne’s sister Maren and Maren’s husband Jeff. Jeff plays for the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes. So we all road tripped it up to Canada for a visit and to see him play.

We left NYC on Friday morning after all three of us had worked the night shift before…excellent planning on our part right?!

In honor of our trip to Canada (and because we were giddy on our lack of sleep) Brianne and I decided to wear Canadian tuxedos…ie/jean jacket and jeans…
not a good combo.

To add to the thrill of three out of practive drivers driving on no sleep . . .
it rained the entire trip!

This was not one of our most cultural of trips . . . there was no touring of the city or visiting any museums or seeing any shows. Let’s just say this trip involved a lot of Wii playing, watching football (live and on tv), lounging around, and even watching Step Up 2 the Streets (embarrassing I know). But we had a great time, so that’s all that really matters.

Jeff played a great game and his team won!
That’s one step closer to the Grey Cup! Way to go Montreal Alouquettes!


Lisa and Maren recreating one of Jeff’s tackles after the game

All in all another good road trip!


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