thanks for the memories

i can’t believe today is the last ever yankee game to be played at the original yankee stadium.


sea of blue hats and yankee’s shirts in the bleachers…gotta love it!

monument park and the bullpen

jeter and a.rod

the ymca field sweepers

jeter at bat

can you see the new stadium there in the distance…ugh!

yah! look at that score … 5 to 1 yankees!

Some favorite things about going to a game at yankee stadium:

– The fact that even if you are sitting in the bleachers and are a fully grown man it is okay to wear an entire yankee uniform and carry a sign stating the reasons why they should put you in the game (see the man in the above pics with his awesome uniform and his equally uniformed children)
– The bleachers section cheering together for each of the yankees individually and them waving back
– The sound of the subway rumbling by in the background
– The sea of cameras flashing when a favorite batter comes up to the plate
– The passing of food, drinks, and money through the crowd
– The fact that by simply playing a tune over the loud speaker they can get the entire crowd of 50,000+ people to join in the same cheer
– High fiving and cheering with your neighbors who were just moments ago complete strangers
– The subway home…the only time an excessively crowded train is ok…the sense of comradery and the feeling that you all just experienced the same thing

We’ll miss you Yankee Stadium/”the house that Ruth built”!


1 Comment

  1. lbrn said,

    September 22, 2008 at 2:44 am

    GREAT pictures, double p! will you send them to me so my blogging audience can see them too?

    i didn’t tell you that day that i like your t-shirt. i want to get one of my very own.

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