Douple P

this is a post meant solely for those who know me from the hospital…or for those of you who don’t mind looking at this dancing beauty.
so i have finally met my soulmate
or . . . 
just someone who shares my wonderful nickname . . . thanks to brianne, lisa, erica, and of course tyana for the nickname. at least i get to share a nickname with the hottie above.
so this week while brianne and i were watching dancing with the stars it came out that karina (the professional dancer) has given her celebrity partner mario (above) the nickname poopy. an explanation was not given as to why his nickname is poopy, but i can only imagine that it is not for the same reason that i was given the same nickname. without going into full detail the reason behind my nickname has to do with a short gut in the hospital named tyana and a failed potty training incident that involved me and my scrubs.

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